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Table Features


Catch Em Peeking

Cards are dealt face down, like in a live game. When a player clicks his cards to see them, everyone at the table sees that player's cards "glow." Was that peek a tell?


Bet on Anything

Great poker makes for great betting, and with Hog Wild Poker, you're free to bet on anything. You can even place a bounty on an opponent's head, and force him out early!


Talk Some Smack

Bluffing just isn't as fun - or as effective - in text. Thanks to Vivox audio conferencing, you'll feel like the players in your game are all around the same table, no matter where they are.

Hog Wild Leagues


Showdown Time

Once the action gets down to 2 players in a hand, we popup a showdown panel showing how many times those 2 players have faced off along with the winning percentages.


Rise to the Top

Players can see rankings in real time on our Leaderboard. Every week, the top 5 players from each league are invited to an exclusive tournament.



Hog Wild Poker's exclusive All-In Monitor alerts you whenever a player puts it all on the line. Watch your friends narrowly survive or be eliminated, as it happens.